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AWow now that's a huge question! The

short answer is we are 2 people who want

to bring beauty and fun into the world!


Q. When and where did you meet?

A. We met 8 years ago, off the internet!

(it really happens)  We come from very

different backgrounds but finding 

commonality in where our life paths had 

taken us, we became friends, and then it

turned in to more.

 Q. Who are Sophia and Mike?


Q. How did you become the owners of a salon?

A.  I (Sophia)  have always had an entrepreneurial spirit, from running my own small business "Sophia Behind the Chair", I secretly had this dream that one day I would have my own salon where clients were the focus!  Mike  having come from  a more traditional workplace  background decided one day (not sure when that day was)  that he would like to have a business but unsure of his direction. We were both wanting something more to give back to, but secretly, we didn't tell each other. Then out of the blue a door cracked open and we started verbalizing our dreams to each other. The door got wider and we decided to walk through! We are so glad we did! We are having the time of our lives creating a space for people to come together and feel amazing! Our combined knowledge make us a great team. We balance each other.